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“Snakes in the Gutter” can make an interesting game that can be played in school.For this,you need to make some of the children snakes.They have to stand in a line widely distanced from each other.To begin the game,you need to say,“Snakes in the Gutter.” After your announcement,the children try to get through the line of the snakes without getting caught.The kids who are caught by the snakes have to join the snakes' team.The one who keeps free till all the others are caught,is the winner.

If your school has a big enough playground,you can organize basketball,football and other such outdoor team games.

Online games that help kids get skills in using the mouse and the keyboard are excellent games in modern times.To do well in image tracking games,kids need to decide quickly and correctly when clicking a moving thing.

Vocabulary games are those of the best games to play in school.One of the exciting word games is building words from the disordered letters.Another game could be that of finding the spelling mistake in a given word.A game known as “Hangman” is played by giving a piece of information about the meaning of a word to the kids and telling them the number of letters in the words.

There can be many such games to play in school.Remember to design games that are interesting as well as educative.Games in school serve as the best way to develop certain skills in children,and they are also full of fun and excitement.So,get going!


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长短句分析:A game known as “Hangman” is played by giving a piece of information about the meaning of a word to the kids and telling them the number of letters in the words.


这是个简单句。A game known as “Hangman” is played为主句,be giving a piece of information about the meaning of a word to the kids and telling them the number of letters in the words为by的短语,表示方式,其中and连接的是两个并列的动名词短语,作by的宾语。


【语篇解读】 本文为说明文。文章主要介绍了孩子们在学??梢酝娴亩嘀钟蜗?,这些游戏既充满了乐趣,又能锻炼孩子的能力。

1.In order to win the game “Snakes in the Gutter”,one should ________.

A.be caught as soon as possible

B.stand in a line to act snakes

C.keep himself/herself free till the end

D.say “Snakes in the Gutter” before the others

答案 C [细节理解题。根据第一段的“The one who keeps free till all the others are caught,is the winner.”可知,在“Snakes in the Gutter”游戏中,胜者应该尽力保持不被“捉到”。到游戏最后,其他人都被捉到了,那么剩下的最后一个没有被捉到的人就是这次游戏的胜利者。]

2.By playing the image tracking games online children can improve their skills in ________.

A.finding out different pictures

B.describing a moving thing correctly

C.communicating with each other

D.making a quick and right decision

答案 D [细节理解题。根据第三段的“To do well in image tracking games,kids need to decide quickly and correctly when clicking a moving thing.”可知, 这种网络游戏可以提高孩子们迅速、准确地作出判断的能力。]

3.What can we learn according to the introduction of vocabulary games?

A.They are usually played at home.

B.They are used to improve kids' translation skill.

C.They can help kids learn more words.

D.They can help kids make sentences.

答案 C [细节理解题。第四段介绍了三种词汇游戏,由此可推知,这种游戏旨在帮助孩子识记更多的单词。]

4.The author's attitude towards games in school is ______.

A.unknown B.positive

C.uncertain D.negative

答案 B [推理判断题。由“Games in school serve as the best way to develop certain skills in children,and they are also full of fun and excitement.So,get going!”可推知,作者对于学校内的游戏是持肯定态度的。 ]



I was waiting for a phone call from my agent. He had left a message the night before, telling me that my show was to be cancelled. I called him several times, but each time his secretary told me that he was in a meeting and that he would call me later. So I waited and waited, but there was still no call. Three hours passing by, I became more and more impatient. I was certain that my agent didn’t care about my work, and he didn’t care about me. I was overcome with that thought. I started to shout at the phone,“ Let me wait, will you? Who do you think you are?”

At that time I didn’t realize my wife was looking on. Without showing her surprise, she rushed in, seized the phone, tore off the wires,and shouted at the phone,“Yeah! Who do you think you are?Bad telephone ! Bad telephone!”And she swept it into the wastebasket.

I stood watching her, speechless. What on earth?

She stepped to the doorway and shouted at the rest of the house, “Now hear this ! All objects in this room — if you do anything to upset my husband, out you go!”

Then she turned to me, kissed me, and said calmly,“Honey,you just have to learn how to take control. ”With that, she left the room.

After watching a crazy woman rushing in and out, shouting at everything in sight,I noticed that something in my mood(情绪) had changed. I was laughing. How could I have trouble with that phone?Her antics_helped me realize I had been driven crazy by small things. Twenty minutes later my agent did call. I was able to listen to him and talk to him calmly.

[语篇解读] “我”对自己的经纪人取消我的表演并且不及时接电话的行为大为恼火,冲电话大吼以泄愤,但接着妻子就此事的一系列异常及夸张的行为让我意识到自己对小事情反应过火,最后我的情绪得到好转,冷静了下来。

5.Why did the author shout at the telephone?

A. He was mad at the telephone.

B. He was angry with his agent.

C. He was anxious about his wife.

D. He was impatient with the secretary.

[解析] 推理判断题。从文中第一段“经纪人要取消我的表演、不接我的电话”等内容可得知我很生气。

[答案] B

6.What did the author’s wife do after she heard his shouting?

A. She said nothing.

B. She shouted at him.

C. She called the agent.

D. She threw the phone away.

[解析] 事实细节题。从文中第二段最后一句得知她把电话丢进了垃圾桶里。

[答案] D

7.What made the author laugh?

A. His own behavior.

B. His wife’s suggestion.

C. His changeable feelings.

D. His wife’s sweet kiss.

[解析] 推理判断题。从文中最后一段中“How could I have trouble with that telephone?...realized I had been driven crazy by small things.”得知“我”为自己刚才的行为感到好笑。

[答案] A

8.What does the underlined word“ antics” refer to?

A. Smart words.      B. Unusual actions.

C. Surprising looks. D. Anxious feelings.

[解析] 猜测词义题。由文章的最后一段第一句可知妻子行为异常。

[答案] B

[长难句解读] After watching a crazy woman rushing in and out,shouting at everything in sight,I noticed that something in my mood had changed.看着一个疯狂的女人冲进冲出,并冲着她看到的每样东西大喊大叫后,我注意到自己的情绪已不知不觉地发生了变化?!癆fter watching a...in sight”为介词短语作状语,后面的主句中含有一个that引导的宾语从句。***************************************************************结束


Tens of thousands of theatre tickets will be given away to young people next year as part of a government campaign to inspire a lifelong love for theatre.

The plan to offer free seats to people aged between 18 to 26 — funded with £ 2.5 million of taxpayers’ money — was announced yesterday by Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary.It received a cautious welcome from some in the arts world,who expressed concern that the tickets may not reach the most underprivileged.

The plan comes as West End theatres are enjoying record audiences, thanks largely to musicals teaming up with television talent shows. Attendances reached 13.6 million in 2007,up 10 percent on 2006, itself a record year. Total sales were up 18 percent on 2006 to almost £ 470 million.

One theatre source criticised the Government’ s priorities(优先考虑的事) in funding free tickets when pensioners were struggling to buy food and fuel, saying: “I don’ t know why the Government’ s wasting money on this. The Young Vic, as The Times reported today,offers excellent performances at cheap prices.”

There was praise for the Government’ s plan from Dominic Cooke of the Royal Court Theatre, who said: “I support any move to get young people into theatre, and especially one that aims to do it all over England, not just in London.”

Ninety five publicly funded theatres could apply for funding under the two year plan. In return, they will offer free tickets on at least one day each week to 18 to 26 year olds,first come, first served. It is likely to be on Mondays, traditionally a quiet night for the theatre.

Mr. Burnham said: “A young person attending the theatre can find it an exciting experience, and be inspired to explore a new world. But sometimes people miss out on it because they fear it’ s‘not for them’. It’ s time to change this perception.”

Jeremy Hunt, the Shadow Culture Secretary, said: “The real issue is not getting enthusiastic children into the theatre,but improving arts education so that more young people want to go in the first place. For too many children theatres are a no go area.”

[语篇解读] 为了激发年轻一代对戏剧的喜爱,政府开展了一项运动:将于明年送出成千上万张戏票。这一计划在社会各界引起了不同的反应。

5.Critics of the plan argued that________.

A. the theatres would be overcrowded

B. it would be a waste of money

C. pensioners wouldn’ t get free tickets

D. the government wouldn’ t be able to afford it

[解析] 细节理解题。由文中第四段开头的criticised和“I don’t know why the Government’s wasting money on this.”一句可知,批评者认为这一计划是在浪费金钱,故选B。

[答案] B

6.According to the supporters, the plan should________.

A. benefit the television industry

B. focus on producing better plays

C. help increase the sales of tickets

D. involve all the young people in England

[解析] 细节理解题。由文中第五段最后一句话可知,支持该计划的人支持让年轻人到剧院去的任何运动、措施或手段,尤其是那种能够让全英国人而不是仅伦敦人能参与的措施。故选D。

[答案] D

7.Which of the following is TRUE about the plan?

A. Ninety five theatres have received funding.

B. Everyone will get at least one free ticket.

C. It may not benefit all the young people.

D. Free tickets are offered once every day.



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