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7、At Breakfast 吃早餐






10、On a Bus 在公共汽车上


11、Asking Favors 求助


12、Making an Appointment 预约


13、Saying Goodbye 告别


14、Meeting old friends 老友重逢


15、Saying Thank You 道谢




17、Finding a Room 找住房


18、At a Hotel 在旅馆


19、The weather 天气







Nancy:Have a nice weekend!


Jerry:Thanks. You too!


Nancy:Do you have any plans?


Jerry:Well, my family's away and I can't afford to do much. What about you?


Nancy:Oh, I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.


John:Have you had a good time these past few days?


Lily:Yes. Kunming is really a beautiful place.


John:Thank you. You're welcome here anytime you want.


Lily:I'm afraid I've been a bother these past few days.


John:Don't mention it. You know, we're old friends.


Lily:Well. Please come to Beijing if you have time, and let me do the honors.


John:Okay. Have a safe trip.


A: Excuse me, Where am I on this map?

B: We are here, bus station, we are in the heart of the city.

A: Oh ! I think I’m lost. Can I go from here to the railway station?

B: Head straight up the street about two blocks then turn left.





A: Excuse me. I’m afraid I got lost. Can you show me the way to the station?

B: I’m walking that way. Let me lead you the way.



A: Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me. I’m looking for the Museum.

B: Boy, you are lost. It’s across town.

A: Oh ! What bad luck ! How can I get to the Museum?

B: You can take a No. 24 bus here and then transfer to a No.53 bus to get there.





乘客A:Excuse me, is this seat taken?


乘客B:No, I don't think so.


乘客A:Thanks,I am waiting for the train at 9 o’clock to Shanghai.Where will you go?


乘客B:What a coincidence! we are the same train.


乘客A:Really? What is your seat number?


乘客B:No.5 on the second row. And you?


乘客A:I am on the third row, No.10.


乘客B:Could you please keep an eye on my luggage? I want to go to the washroom.


乘客A:No problem.


乘客B:Thank you so much.


La Lanterna Restaurant:Good evening, La Lanterna. May I help you?

Shelly Jackson:Good evening.?I’d like to make a dinner reservation for this Friday, the 8th.

La Lanterna Restaurant:Alright, just a moment please and I’ll check our reservations book.Okay, how many people are there in your party?

Shelly Jackson:There’ll be six, four adults and two children.

La Lanterna Restaurant:What time would you like the reservation for?

Shelly Jackson:6:30,please.

La Lanterna Restaurant:Alright, and what is your name?

Shelly Jackson:It’s Shelly Jackson.

La Lanterna Restaurant:OK, Ms. Jackson. So, that’s a party reservation for six, Friday, the 8th at 6:30.

Shelly Jackson:Yes, that’s right. Thank you very much.

1.I’d like to make a dinner reservation for this Friday, the 8th.我想要订这个星期五,也就是8号的晚餐位子。














(Office ambience)

A:Chen Hao, you've been attending a lot of business dinners lately. Didn't your team go out again last night with the clients?

C:没错。我老板Mr. Brown决定请客人到附近刚开张的那家法国餐馆去吃饭。

A:How did it go?


A:What do you mean?


A:What did the others do?


A:This client sounds as if she could use some business etiquette training. Unless Mr. Brown suggested that you all order certain pricey dishes, she should have chosen something moderately priced。


A:It's rude to take advantage of your host like that. This client is not very savvy about business dining。

C: Savvy是什么意思???

A:Savvy means having knowledge and experience。


A:Let's head back to the office now. You can tell me on the way。



A:So there is more to this story?


A:Like what?


A:What did everyone else do?

C:Mr. Brown虽然吃得很少,但也只好跟着她一道菜一道菜地点。

A:He was doing the correct thing as host by ordering the same as the client。


A:When someone orders appetizers or other dishes in addition to the entrée, it is polite for others to order the same courses。


A:That keeps the pace of the dinner even and avoids the awkwardness of one person eating a course by herself。


A:At an informal dinner, some people have soup while others may select a different appetizer to have at the same time. Everyone should have an equal number of courses。


A:Simple. The host can say, \


A:Right. If no one else has a starter course, then you don't either。

C:你真应该给昨天那个客人好好上一课。7、At Breakfast 吃早餐

Coffee shops are popular, reasonably priced restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack.


1.A: You're having coffee, aren't you?

B: Yes, I always have coffee in the morning.

A: What are you going to have to eat?

B: I'm going to order scrambled eggs and toast. What about you?

A: That sounds good to me. I'll have the same.

2.A: You'd like coffee, wouldn't you?

B: I think I'd rather have tea this morning.

A: What else are you going to have?

B: Just an English muffin. What are you going to have?

A: That sounds good. I'm going to order the same thing.

3.A: You're going to have coffee, aren't you?

B: Yes. I could use a cup of coffee.

A: Are you going to have anything to eat?

B: French toast sounds good. What are you going to order?

A: I'll have that too.

4.A: A cup of coffee sounds good, doesn't it?

B: Yes, but I think I'll have orange juice first.

A: Do you feel like having anything to eat?

B: Well, I think I'll try the pancakes. How about you?

A: Sounds great. That's just what I feel like having.8、如何用英语买火车票


A: What time's the next train to Washington?

A: 下一趟去华盛顿的车几点开?

B: That's 9:26 on Track 14.

B: 9点26分,14轨道。

A: When does it get there?

A: 什么时候到?

B: It's scheduledto arrive at 10:50.

B: 按照列车时刻表是10点50分到。

A: How much is it?

A: 多少钱?

B: It's $30.00 one way or $55.00 round trip.

B: 单程票30美元,往返票55美元。


A: What's the next train from Beijing to Tianjin?

A: 去天津,最近的一趟是哪个?

B: T548 at 15:01.

B: T548,下午3点01分出发。

A: What time does it get there?

A: 什么时候到呢?

B: It gets there around 16:26.

B: 大约4点26分到。

A: What's the fare?

A: 多少钱?

B: Hard seat is RMB 30.00.

B: 硬座30元。9、谈薪水必备英语口语

A: How time flies! It's pay day again!

A: 时间过得真快!又到了发薪日了!

B: Yes, it is! You're an engineer, aren't you?

B: 是呀,真快!你是工程师,是吗?

A: Yes, I am。

A: 是的。

B: So you must be earning decently, don't you?

B: 那你钱一定挣得不少喽?

A: Well, just average。

A: 哦,只不过一般而已。

B: What's your salary then, may I ask?

B: 那能不能问一下你的薪水是多少?

A: Sure. My monthly pay is $2,500. What about yours?

A: 当然,我每月的工资是2500美元,你的呢?

B: I'm paid weekly, and it's around $700 per week。

B: 我拿的是周薪,每星期大约700美元左右。

A: That means you can get $2,800 a month. Right? That's quite a sum of money。

A: 那就是说你每月可得2800美元,对吗?这是相当可观的一笔钱呢!

B: Yes, but my pay is on an hourly basis and it's not up to much。

B: 是的,不过我的工资是以小时计算的,而这笔收入并不足道。

A: Then you must be working overtime。

A: 那么你一定在加班工作了。

B: That's right. I work 24 hours' overtime a week. And the overtime pay is usually more than the regular pay。

B: 对,我一星期加班24小时。而加班工资通常要高于固定工资。

A: So overtime has a bearing on how much you may make in a job. Don't you think so?

A: 所以加班影响工资收入的多少,你不这样认为吗?

B: Definitely. And the degree of responsibility in a job also has a great deal to do with the salary。

B: 是这样,而且工作中所负责任的轻重程度同薪水也有密切联系。

A: Yes. And so are other factors such as experience and fringe benefits。

A: 是的,其他如经验、福利待遇等因素也是这样。

B: No doubt about that. But anyway I have to work hard to earn my money。

B: 这是毫无疑问的,不过无论如何我得努力工作才挣得到钱。


What makes you think we should give you a raise?


I hope you will seriously consider a pay increase。


Your monthly gross salary will increase by 300 yuan。


Good salesman will naturally earn more。


I will give you a one-time bonus for your recent hard work。

我给你一次性的奖金,鼓励你最近的辛勤工作。10、On a Bus 在公共汽车上

In cities, buses have letters or numbers indicating their routes. Usually the exact fare is required because you can't get change on a bus. Long-distance travel by bus is common throughout the United States and Cannda. It is an inexpensive, scenic way to travel. Special tickets for unlimited travel are sometimes offered by the larger bus companies.

1.A: Does this bus go to the train station?

B: No, You'll have to get off at the bank and take the A52.

A: How long is the ride?

B: About ten minutes.

2.A: Is this the bus for Park Ridge?

B: No. It only goes as far as Main Street, but you can get the Number 31 there.

A: How long does it take to get there?

B: It only takes a few minutes.

3.A: Does this bus go to the beach?

B: No. You're going the wrong way. You want the Number11. It stops in front of the post


A: About how long does it take?

B: Only fifteen minutes.

4.A:Is this the right bus for Pacific Boulevard?

B: No. You should have taken the Yellow Line bus. You can get one at the next stop.

A: Is it long ride?

B: Not that long.11、Asking Favors 求助

When you ask for things, it is important to be polite. The intonation that you use in making your request is as important as what you actually say. When you think someone will refuse your request, you can ask the question in such a way that the refusal does not cause embarrassment.

1. A: Is there any chance of my borrowing your type-writer?

B: For how long?

A: Until the end of the week.

B: Yes, I guess that would be all right.

2. A: Would you mind if I borrowed your car?

B: Well, when exactly?

A: Until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

B: I'm sorry, but it's just not possible.

3. A: Do you think you could lend me some of your records?

B: Until when?

A: Oh, just over the holidays.

B: I'm not sure. I'll have to think about it.

4. A: I was wondering if you'd let me stay with you for a few days.

B: It really depends on when.

A: Until next weekend, if that's OK.

B: Let me think it over, and I'll let you know later.12、Making an Appointment 预约

It is usually necessary to make an appointment with a doctor, dentist or lawyer. You should call as far in advance as possible.

1.A: Would Dr. Block be able to see me at 9:30 tomorrow?

B: I'm sorry, but she won't have any openings until 11:00, unless there's a cancellation.

A: Would 1:00 be convenient?

B: Yes, she's free then.

2.A: I wonder if the dentist could fit me in early tomorrow?

B: I'm afraid there's nothing availavle before noon.

A: How about 12:45?

B: Sorry, but she's busy then too.

3.A: I'd like to make an appointment with Professor Smith. Would 9:00 tomorrow be all right?

B: I'm afraid not. She doesn't have any openings in the morning.

A: Could I possibly make it early in the afternoon?

B: Nol That's not good either. But give me your number and I'll call you if somebody


4.A: Do you think the doctor could see me tomorrow before 9:30?

B: She won't be in until 10:45, so the earliest would be 11:00.

A: How would 12:45 be?

B: Just a second. I'll have to check.13、Saying Goodbye 告别

Saying Goodbye 告别

When you're far from friends and family, you can keep in touch with them by letters, post cards, short notes or phone calls.

1.A: I've come to say goodbye.

B: When are you off?

A: I'm flying home on Sunday afternoon.

B: Well, goodbye. See you soon.

A: Please don't forget to say goodbye to the rest of the family for me.

2.A: I'd like to say goodbye to everyone.

B: What time are you going?

A: My plane leaves at 7:25.

B; Well, goodbye and have a good trip!

A: Goodbye. Remember to look me up if you're ever in Washington.

3.A; I'm calling to say goodbye.

B: When do you leave?

A: I'm catching the 11:00 train.

B: Take care of yourself and don't forget to keep in touch.

A: Goodbye. Thanks again for everything.

4.A: I just dropped in to say goodbye.

B: What time are you leaving?

A: I'm going to try to leave by 10:00.

B: Take care and give my best to your parents.

A: Goodbye. Hope to see you again next year.14、Meeting old friends 老友重逢

Many people shake hands when meeting after they havn't seen each other for a long time.

1. A: I haven't seen you for ages. You haven't been sich, have you?

B: No, I've been in California for the past month.

A: How nice. Where were you exactly?

B: San Diego. I got back yesterday.

2. A: It's nice to see you again. Have you chaged jobs?

B: No, I've been visiting relatives.

A: That's nice. Where?

B: I went to visit an uncle of mine in San Francisco.

3. A: You haven't been around much lately, have you?

B: No, I've been away on vacation.

A: Oh? Where were you?

B: Palm Springs. I've got a cousin there.

4. A: Well, hello, stranger! Have you moved or something?

B: No, I went to California for a few weeks.

A: Oh, really? Where did you go?

B: Los Angeles. I stayed with my brother.15、Saying Thank You 道谢

When someone invites you for dinner, you can bring flowers,candy or a bottle of wine. Sometimes people send a thank you note to the host or hostess a few days after the event.

1.A: I'd better be going.

B: So soon? Why don't you stay a little longer?

A: I wish I could, but it's already late.

B: Oh, it's a shame that you have to leave.

A: Thank you for a wonderful meal.

B: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

2.A: I really must be going now.

B: But you just got here. Can't you stay a little longer?

A: That's very nice of you, but I really can't.

B: Well, it's too bad that you have to go.

A: Thanks very much. It was a great party!

B: It was our pleasure.

3.A: I think it's about time we got going.

B: What? Already? Won't you have more coffee?

A: I'd love to, but I have to get up early tomorrow.

B: Oh! I'm sorry. I wish you could stay.

A: Thank you for a very enjoyable evening.

B: Don't mention it. I hope you can come again soon.

4.A: I really should be on my way.

B: Oh, not yet! At least have one for the road.

A: No. Thanks all the same.

B: Well, I'm sorry you have to leave so early.

A: Thank you very much. We really had a good time.

B: Well, thank you for coming.16、介绍和开场白

People in the United States don't always shake hands when they are introduced to one another. However, in a formal or business situation people almost always shake hands.

1.A: Mary, this is Joe's brother David.

B; I'm very glad to meet you.

C: It's a pleasure to meet you.

B: How do you like Texas so far?

C: It's really different from what I expected.

B: Don't worry. You'll get used to it in no time.

2.A: Mrs. Smith, I'd like to introduce a friend of mine, Pierre Dubois.

B: How do you do?

C: Hello.

B: What's your impression of the United States?

C: Well, I can't get over how different the weather is here.

B: Oh, you'll get used to it soon!

3.A: Wendy, I'd like you to meet my brother Sam.

B: Hi.

C: Nice to meet you.

B: What do you think of Dallas?

C: Well, I'm still feeling a little homesick and so many things seem strange to me.

B: You're bound to feel that way at first, I guess.

4.A: Mrs.Hughs, this is Peter Brown.

B: Pleased to meet you.

C: How do you do?

B: I hope you're enjoying your stay here.

C: If it weren't for the climate, I'd like it here very much.

B: It always takes time to get used to a new place.17、Finding a Room 找住房

In smaller cities and towns, it's usually quite easy to find a room to rent. This is especially true in towns where universities or college are located.

1.A: Do you take in students?

B: Yes. If you don't mind sharing room, there's one available.

A: How much is it?

B: $30.00 a week.

A: Do you think I could have a look at it, please?

B: I'm on my way out now. Couldyou come back in an hour?

2.A: I've been told you might have a vacant room.

B: Yes. I have a spare room.

A: How much are you asking?

B: $10.00 a night.

A: Could I see the room, please?

B: Sure. Come on in.

3.A: A friend told em I might find a room here.

B: Yes. I'll have a room free next week.

A: What do you charge?

B: $25.00 a week, but you can't have visitors.

A: Fine. Would It be OK to look at the room?

B: Could you come back later? We're right in the middle of dinner.

4.A: I wonder if you can help me. I'm looking for a room.

B: Yes. I've got a small room.

A: How much do you charge?

B: $35.00 a week, but don't allow smoking.

A: OK. Can I see the room now?

B: Would you mind waiting? I'm on the telephone.18、At a Hotel 在旅馆

Hotel and motel rates vary considerably. In major cities and resort areas, it is advisable to have reservations.

1.A: Do you have any vacancies?

B: Yes, we have a nice room on the fourth floor.

A: How much is it?

B: $45.00 a night, plus tax.

A: Can I see it, please?

B: Certainly. Would you come with me?

2.A: Do you have a single room for two nights?

B: We only have a small suite.

A: What's the rate?

B: $50.00 a night, including breakfast.

A: Fine. Could you show it to me, please?

B: Of course. Just follow me.

3.A: Can I reserve a double room for next week?

B: You can have a room facing the ocean.

A: How much would it be?

B: $55.00, including tax.

A: Could I have a look at the room?

B: Sure. Come this way, please.

4.A: Do you have a double room with twin beds?

B: I can let you have a room in the new wing.

A: What's the daily rate?

B: $60.00 a night.

A: Could you show me something less expensive?

B: Yes, of course. Right this way, please.19、The weather 天气

A very common way to start a conversation is to talk about the weather. When you're traveling, remember that there is considerable variation in climate in the United States.

1.A: Beautiful day, isn't it?

B: Yes, it's not like what the radio said at all.

A: I wish it would stay this way for the weekend.

B: As long as it doesn't snow!

2.A: It seems to be clearing up.

B: It's such a nice change.

A: I really don't think this weather will last.

B: Let's just hope it doesn't get cold again.

3.A: It looks it's going to be sunny.

B: Yes, it's much better than yesterday.

A: They say we're going to get some rain later.

B: Oh, let's just hope it stays warm.

4.A: I think it's going to be a nice day.

B: It's certainly a big improvement over yesterday.

A: But it's supposed to get cloudy and windy again this afternoon.

B: Well,the worst of the winter should be over.20、这里停车每小时多少钱?

Mary:What is the parking fee per hour here?


John:Ten yuan an hour.


Mary:How much would it be if I park here for an hour and ten minutes?


John:Twenty yuan, sir. Because we charge by the number of hours.


Mary:I see. Thanks.


May:Sir, I want to resign from my Sales Manager job. Here is my resignation letter.


Boss:Why are you quitting so suddenly? Do you have any complaints against the company?


May:No, it's all for personal reasons. I've been feeling too much pressure recently. I have insomnia and migraines.


Boss:Have you gone to the hospital to get it checked out?


May:Yes, I did. And the doctor said that I've got serious melancholia and suggested that I should rest.


Boss:How about this? I'll give you two weeks off, so you can have a rest and then come back to work.


May:Thanks, but I don't want my personal affairs to influence the company. So I want to take a break and reorganize.


Boss:In that case, I won't force you to stay then. I hope to work with you again in the future.





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--- 精选情景会话:我買的時候沒有注意到瑕疵 Mary: I can sure try. Hold ...日常英文情景对话 肖登怡... 69页 1下载券 喜欢此文档的还喜欢 英语...


英语游戏情景对话_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Minion > Please learn how to ...英语情景对话和游戏认单... 2页 免费 用英语口语情景对话 15页 免费 旅游...

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