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近日,关于中小学校园内的食品安全问题引发热议。借着这个机会,我们来看看“日本学校里的午餐”(School Lunch in Japan),一个被广为流传的短片,介绍了日本一小学中午用餐的全过程。


School Lunch in Japan - It"s Not Just About Eating!

Lunch takes on a different nature when treated as an education period, rather than a recreational one.

take on

1) 表示“承?!?,英文解释为“If you take on a job or responsibility, especially a difficult one, you accept it.”举个??:

No other organization was able or willing to take on the job.


呈现takes on a new appearance or quality, it develops that appearance or quality.

Believing he had only a year to live, his writing took on a feverish intensity.


The United States and Japan couldn"t be more different when it comes to school lunch programs. While the U.S. is considering cutting funding to school food programs for underprivileged kids, saying there"s insufficient evidence that feeding kids improves academic results, Japan places a high priority on feeding its schoolchildren healthy, homemade meals on a daily basis.


表示“贫困的;缺少机遇的;社会地位低下的;下层社会的”,英文解释为“very poor, with worse living conditions, educational opportunities etc than most people in society”,如:underprivileged children 贫困儿童。

on a daily basis

表示“每天,天天”(every day/daily),这里要说的是“on a daily basis”还是“in a daily basis”?Quora中有网友给出答案:

It"s "on a daily basis." The "basis" is the bottom or foundation of something, and we always use "on" with it, never "in." Some other phrases include "on a regular basis" and "on what basis."

An article in The Atlantic"s City Lab blog, titled “Japan"s school lunch program puts others to shame,” explores how and why this nation-wide program has been so successful. More than 10 million elementary and secondary school students in 94 percent of the country"s schools are fed through this program, and the food they eat is a far cry from the greasy, reheated cafeteria food that features prominently at American schools.

be a far cry from sth

表示“和…相去甚远,与…大相径庭”,英文解释为“to be completely different from something”举个??:

This flat is a far cry from the house they had before.



greasy /?ɡri?z?, -s?/ 表示“沾满油脂的;含脂肪的;油腻的”,英文解释为“covered with or full of fat or oil”,如:greasy food/dishes/skin/hair 油腻的食物/油乎乎的盘子/油性皮肤/油性头发。

The Japanese meals are prepared daily from scratch by a team of cooks who work in the school"s kitchen. Often they use vegetables grown on school property that are planted and tended by classes. From an early age, the kids get used to eating healthy, well-balanced meals that would appeal to many adults.

from scratch

表示“从头开始,从零开始”,英文解释为“from the beginning, without using anything that already exists”举个??:

He built the shed from scratch.



表示“照顾,照管;护理”,英文解释为“to care for something or someone”举个??:

He carefully tended his sunflower plants.


What really sets Japan apart, however, is the fact that it views lunch time as an educational period, not a recreational one. Lunch is a time for teaching kids important skills about serving food, table etiquette, and cleaning up – the polar opposite of the notoriously wild, uncontrolled, and messy lunch hour in U.S. schools that must be every janitor"s nightmare.


etiquette /??t??k?t/ 表示“礼仪,礼节”,英文解释为“the formal rules for polite behaviour in society or in a particular group”,如:table etiquette 餐桌礼仪。

polar opposite

表示“完全相反,正好相反,截然相反”,英文解释为“something that is the complete or exact opposite of something else”。


形容词,表示“臭名昭著的,声名狼藉的”,英文解释为“famous or well-known for something bad”,如:an area notorious for drugs, crime and violence 一个因毒品、犯罪和暴力而声名狼藉的地区。


表示“(学?;虼舐サ模┛疵湃?,门房,管理员”,英文解释为“someone whose job is to look after a school or other large building”。

The video illustrates shokuiki wonderfully. You see the children taking turns picking up the food cart in the kitchen, chanting a delightful “thank you” to the cooks who prepared it. They wash their hands, don proper serving outfits (smocks, hair nets, and face masks), and dole out the food to hungry, receptive classmates – roasted fish with pear sauce, mashed potatoes, vegetable soup, bread and milk. Nobody appears to complain about the food.



Shokuiku (食育) is the Japanese term for "food education". The law defines it as the "acquisition of knowledge about food and nutrition, as well as the ability to make appropriate decisions through practical experience with food, with the aim of developing people"s ability to live on a healthy diet".


表示“(有节奏地反复地)唱,喊叫”,英文解释为“to repeat a word or phrase again and again”,还有另一个意思,表示“吟唱,吟诵(赞美诗)”(to sing or say a religious song or prayer in a way that involves using only one note or tone)


作动词,表示“戴上(帽子);穿上(衣服)”,英文解释为“to put on a hat, coat etc”举个??:

He donned his cloak and gloves.


dole out

表示“发放,分发(钱、食物等);(给多人)提供(建议)”,英文解释为“to give something such as money, food, advice etc to more than one person”举个??

She was doling out candies to all the kids.


The teacher eats with the students, demonstrating good table manners and leading a discussion about the food"s origins. In the video, he focuses on the mashed potatoes, which come from the school garden. He tells the class, “You will plant these in March and eat them for lunch in July.” At other times, the discussion may veer into Japanese food history or culture. After all, this is lesson time, too.

mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes 土豆泥

mashed表示“捣烂的”,英文解释为“been pressed until is smooth”。


表示“(观点、主意、态度等)转变,改变”,英文解释为“If opinions, ideas, attitudes etc veer in a particular direction, they gradually change and become quite different”举个??:

Our talk soon veered onto the subject of money.


All of the students come prepared for lunch with reusable chopsticks, a cloth placemat and napkin, a cup, and a toothbrush.


- END -

单双中特王长期公开 www.ybcy5.cn true //www.ybcy5.cn/seduzx/627280/301315414.html report 7911 为您提供全方面的日本学校里的午餐全过程,了解一下相关信息,根据用户需求提供日本学校里的午餐全过程,了解一下最新最全信息,解决用户的日本学校里的午餐全过程,了解一下需求,原标题:日本学校里的午餐全过程,了解一下近日,关于中小学校园内的食品安全问题引发热议。借着这个机会,我们来看看“日本学校里的午餐”(SchoolLunchinJapan),一个被广为流传的短片,介绍了日本一小学中午用餐的全过程?!?5分钟的午餐时间也是接受...
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